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Infused with vitamins, non-comedogenic oils, and antioxidants, this rose-scented luxurious body bar with a built-in natural loofah gently exfoliates, hydrates, and softens skin. Distilled from the best roses in the world grown in Turkey, our particular rose essential oil carries the highest frequency among all other essential oils. It reduces pain, releases anxiety, and lifts your mood to a higher frequency. The soap bar can also be used on feet to remove callus.


Suitable for all skin types and everyday body wash.


4.58 oz. / 130 g


100% Vegan, Clean, All-Natural, Decompostable, Handmade in Turkey


  • Wet the soap bar under warm water for 20-30 seconds, massage gently over the loofah to soften it. Once you achieve a creamy lather, start applying it to the desired area of the body. Rinse thoroughly after use. 

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